Staff Listing

Staff Listing

34 Church St. W.
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
TTY: 905.456.6911

FAX: 905.453.8853

Executive Director Jim Triantafilou
Property Manager Nadine Sousa
Administration and Resource Support Jasvinder Rai
Administration and Resource Support Beverley Salmon
Administration and Resource Support Karen Sebastian
Administration and Resource Support Catherine Hernandez
Manager, Human Resources Deanna Lyver
Human Resources Generalist Erum Nasir
Human Resources Generalist Kathy Grima
Manager, Information Technology Kevin Hoddinott
Desktop & Network Administrator Simranjeev Singh Dhillon
Application Administrator Turel Matadin

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853

Director of Finance & Human Resources Anne-Marie Hawkins
Payroll Administration Myrna De Vera
AR/AP Assistant Geeta Patel
Financial Accountant Yuan Tian
Accounting Assistant Roselyn McKenzie
Accounting Assistant Jeanette Baldasarre

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853

Director, Community Living Supports Debra Rose
Director, Community Living Supports Charles Rego
Manager, Community Living Supports Kenna Coleman
Manager, Community Living Supports Keisha Brown
Manager, Community Living Supports Erin Duncan
Manager, Community Living Supports Jason Rampersaud
Manager, Community Living Supports Marcia Ortiz
Manager, Community Living Supports Jeffery Wong
Manager, Community Living Supports Dolton Fraiser
Manager, Community Living Supports Perminder Kaur
Manager, Community Living Supports Ann Marie Day
Manager, Community Living Supports Ida Upshall
Manager, Community Living Supports Karen Alexander
Manager, Community Living Supports Sonya Arndt
Manager, Community Living Supports Vivienne Senior
On-Call Manager David Marcinek
On-Call Manager Abby Pressman
On-Call Manager Susana York

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853

Director, Community Resources/ Respite Margarette Guerra
Service Coordinator Chris Fryer
Service Coordinator Mira Mandel
Service Coordinator Sarai Echeguai
Service Coordinator Francine Morrison
Service Coordinator Rob Brownlee
Service Coordinator Sanya Guroodita
Service Coordinator Cindy Ure
Service Coordinator Kim Hewel
Community Inclusion Worker Melissa La
Community Inclusion Worker Sam Fagbenro
Community Inclusion Worker Danielle Desousa
Community Inclusion Worker Alma Haynes


Community Participation Support Worker Sharmaine Grant
Community Participation Support Worker Stephanie Soupourmas
Community Participation Support Worker Chantal Ferguson

456 Vodden Street East
Brampton, Ontario L6S 5Y7
TEL: 905.796.0404
FAX: 905.796.0405

Manager Kelly Anderson
Manager Gwen DeBruyne-Ferreira
Resource Consultant Neha Sahni
Resource Consultant Lisa Chiodo
Resource Consultant Latoya Gittens
Resource Consultant Ana Quiroz
Resource Consultant Bailey Ward
Resource Consultant Melissa Wells
Resource Consultant Amanda Coote
Resource Consultant Victoria Dew
Resource Consultant Taiseer Maju
Resource Consultant Linda Kouatli
Resource Consultant Natalie Peddie
Resource Consultant Dana Berry

46 West Drive
Brampton, Ontario L6T 3T6
TEL: 905.453.8833
FAX: 905.453.8834

Manager Howie O’Neill
Support Worker Kelly Campbell
Support Worker Helen Fleming
Support Worker Cathy Hillis
Support Worker Joanne Moon
Support Worker Harry Nacson
Support Worker Rachel Bryan-Maloney

19 Rutherford Rd. Unit B
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3J3
TEL: 905.450.8808
FAX: 905.450.3377

Manager Kimberley Cunningham
Community Participation Worker Martina Giblin
Community Participation Worker Dahlia Barrett
Community Participation Worker Beverley Langley
Community Participation Worker Sheri Ash
Community Participation Worker Rose Chartrand
Community Participation Worker Danny Varughese
Community Participation Worker Jermaine Martin
Community Participation Worker Julie Schick
Community Participation Worker Samantha Markulyn
Community Participation Worker Aliky Rallis
Community Participation Worker Anne Rayappu

13 Fisherman Drive Unit #1
Brampton, Ontario L7A 2X9
TEL: 905.846.9700
FAX: 905.846.9900

Manager Dyan Durson
Community Participation Worker Jennifer Ewan
Community Participation Worker Salma Hossain
Community Participation Worker Robin Legreley
Community Participation Worker Lynda O’Donnell
Community Participation Worker Randy Scace
Community Participation Worker Krystyna Dziechciowska
Community Participation Worker Christina Christian
Community Participation Worker Chizomam Ezuma
Community Participation Worker Alyssa Nichol
Community Participation Worker Travis Miller
Community Participation Worker Angela Atyeo

12 Parr Blvd. Unit #10
Bolton, Ontario L7E 4H1
TEL: 905.857.9691
FAX: 905.857.6392

Manager Andy Willemsen
Service Coordinator & Residential Planner Clare Clout
Community Participation Support Worker Taquyaah Villaroel

12 Parr Blvd., Unit #1
Bolton, Ontario L7E 4H1
TEL: 905.584.5519
FAX: 905.857.6392

Community Participation Support Worker Mike McLeod
Community Participation Support Worker Alannah Melo
Community Participation Support Worker Alceena Williams
Community Participation Support Worker Asma Khan

61 George Street
Brampton, Ontario L6Y IP4
TEL: 905.460.0319
FAX: 905.460.1527

Manager Sharon Lennie
Community Participation Support Worker Ashima Behl
Community Participation Support Worker Sherry Lanktree
Community Participation Support Worker David Craib
Community Participation Support Worker Rushane Lambert
Community Participation Support Worker Kristine Paliuanan
Community Participation Support Worker Brittney Hughes
Employment Consultant Emem Eyo
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